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This even when the same sex marriage had been accepted at all levels of the government. In an important ruling, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Diane Finley announced that the the failure of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration to treat legal gay and lesbian marriages performed in jurisdictions outside Canada was clearly discriminatory. Gay and lesbian couples legally married outside Canada will now be recognized as part of spousal, family class immigration sponsorship applications.

Now, any Canadian citizen can enter into a same sex marriage solemnized outside Canada and then sponsor their foreign spouse for immigration to Canada. So far, immigration consultants have stopped at nothing to arrange the visas on the basis of fraudulent documents for their clients.

This offers them another golden rule to get the immigration visas for their clients. Already, plenty of cases of marriages frauds or sham marriages for immigration are coming to light.

As per CIC guidelines, sponsorship should not be taken lightly, and those involved are responsible for ensuring that their marriage is genuine. Even if the marriage fails, sponsors must support their spouse for three years; this is really starting to look like extortion.

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