You have been successful obtaining your visa to move to Canada.  Whether your move is for a work, study, family commitments or perhaps for the rest of your life, in order to make the transition as successful as possible, being proactive about integrating and adapting to a new life is key.

While living in a new country can be full of excitement and positive experiences, there will be growing pains and difficulties along the way. You can help with these challenges especially if you have planned your move well, sorted out all the details, arranged the paperwork and taken care of the financial side of things.

Our settle pages provide advice that should help you settle in more smoothly and quickly. We have given you some guidance on the important issues that you should take care of pre arrival, after arrival and within the first few months. This will include things like:

  • Obtaining your Permanent Resident card
  • Obtaining your Health card and Social Insurance card
  • Finding somewhere to live
  • Managing your finances
  • Registering with school
  • Finding work
  • Obligations as a resident
  • Citizenship

It is extremely challenging moving to a new country, particularly in the beginning. Stay calm and relaxed in the first few days, and you will realize that it will all come together before you know it.

If you are considering a move to Canada on a temporary or permanent basis and need assistance with an application, please complete an assessment form or contact us to discuss your options.



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