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Eleven communities have been chosen by the Canadian Government for the new Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, aiming to draw newcomers to settle in these areas and bolster middle-class employment opportunities. With Canada’s aging population and declining birth rates leading to a diminishing rural workforce, this initiative seeks to attract individuals essential for economic expansion and the advancement of middle-class jobs within these communities.

Participating regions will receive various supports to experiment with this innovative, community-oriented model, aimed at bridging labor gaps. The selected communities are:

ALBERTA – Claresholm BRITISH COLUMBIA – West Kootenay, Vernon MANITOBA – Gretna-Rhineland-Altona-Plum Coulee, Brandon ONTARIO – Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Timmins, North Bay SASKATCHEWAN – Moose Jaw

Further eligibility criteria will be disclosed in summer 2019, and newcomers are expected to start arriving under this program in 2020. Canada remains dedicated to attracting global talent to address skill shortages and stimulate local economies in rural areas for the collective benefit of all Canadians.

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