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As per the reports, the government will introduce this Canada visa by the end of this year.

Growing Canada marriage visa frauds—Canada conditional spousal visa will be aimed to control the growing number of marriage frauds especially from Asian nations including India and China. It has been noticed that in majority of fake marriages, wedding pictures are Photoshopped for showing faces of both husband and wives on the wedding photos.

This has been confirmed by Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney while admitting an increasing number of fake marriages by aspirants of Canada permanent residency or Canada citizenship.

By seeing a number of pictures of wedding reception, it became evident that fake marriages were being organized just to fool immigration officials.

And on visiting some wedding palaces, it was clear that marriages were nothing but a game of a cat and mouse, added Kenney.

Canada conditional sponsored visa—As per the plans by the federal government, a sponsored spouse will be required to stay in the relationship for a minimum period of time before becoming eligible for Canada permanent residency.

Currently, the minimum time period has been stated by Ottawa as two years or a little more.

Apart from this minimum period of remaining in the relationship, the government of Canada intends to have a five-year ban before allowing sponsored spouses to offer sponsorship to a new spouse for coming to Canada.

Planned reforms in Canada marriage visas will help in immediate deportation of the sponsored spouses not abiding by the rules. So, any sponsored spouse found to have lied for coming to Canada will be deported by the immigration officials.

Opposition to Canada conditional sponsored visas—An NDP MPm, Don Davies sees no use in introduction of Canada conditional sponsored visa. Davies says the government should work towards reforming the screening process rather than introducing a Canada conditional spousal visa.

He fears that such rules might lead to domestic abuse in case the relationship fails. A couple will be forced to live together even if the marriage fails, quipped Davies.


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