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Canada remains a beacon for global youth seeking professional growth, cultural immersion, and adventure. Today, The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, unveiled the launch of the 2024 season of the International Experience Canada (IEC) Program. This exciting initiative welcomes nearly 90,000 young individuals from IEC partner nations to engage in Canada’s vibrant opportunities. Applications open starting December 11, 2023, inviting aspiring participants to submit their profiles.

IEC stands as a reciprocal platform, enabling Canadian and international youth, aged 18–35, to work and explore each other’s homelands. The program has fostered robust partnerships with over 35 countries and territories. Notably, in 2023, we solidified new agreements with Finland, Iceland, and Ukraine while enhancing existing partnerships with South Korea and the United Kingdom. As we anticipate welcoming more global youth in 2024, Canadian participants will also find expanded avenues to gain international insights by visiting our partner countries.

A significant stride involves the expanded integration of automation technology within IEC, streamlining application processes and bolstering support for international youth in Canada.

The commencement of the 2024 season reignites the opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the Canadian work and travel experience, offering a ripple effect on employers seeking talent and bolstering Canada’s vibrant tourism industry.

Minister Marc Miller expressed, “Canada thrives when global youth engage in the International Experience Canada program. This initiative not only aids Canadian employers in talent acquisition but also invigorates tourism nationwide. We encourage young Canadians to leverage this reciprocal program for invaluable work and travel experiences that will enrich their lives.”

Key Program Highlights:

Join us in embracing this enriching journey! Apply now to be part of the vibrant tapestry of experiences and opportunities that the 2024 International Experience Canada Program offers. Your global adventure awaits!